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Your child’s snorkeling experience will be safe, comfortable and relaxing by having an expert guide teach them how to fit and clear their mask, keep their snorkel clear and breathe with ease. Feeling confident, relaxed and happy means they will see so much more marine life and enjoy their snorkeling adventure even more.


Course Detail

What will I learn

  • Level 1
    • How to fit a mask and snorkel for maximum comfort
    • How to stop water entering your mask and snorkel
    • How to stop your mask fogging
    • Optimal body position to conserve energy and snorkel with ease
    • How to make friends with fish and coral
  • Level 2
    • How to clear your mask and snorkel while still swimming and breathing with ease
    • Optimal kick pattern to conserve energy
    • Why you should only use your legs to move when snorkeling
    • How snorkeling can improve your swimming by focusing on optimal head and body position, while breathing with ease
  • Level 3
    • Optimal body and head position for the perfect duck dive
    • Special precautions in low visibility water
    • How to eliminate ear pain or discomfort
    • How to clear your snorkel of water after duck diving

Course Info

When does this program run

  • April to November
  • By appointment, please contact us to book

What to bring?

  • Swimwear you are comfortable in (can be any combination of swimmers, t shirt and shorts, rash guard and long tights)
  • Sun protection (hat and suncream)
  • Drinking water
  • Towel

Where do we meet?

  • Repulse Bay or other location by request

Do you offer group class?

  • Yes. Our programs can be catered to suit the needs of your particular group, no matter the age or skill level. Please contact us and we will be happy to help

What is the duration?

  • 60 mins
  • Session time can be extended

Do I need any previous experience?

  • No previous experience is required 

What will I see?

  • Fish! No matter where you snorkel in Hong Kong, there are always kind and curious little fishy friends who are looking forward to meeting you


What if I can’t swim?

  • All our programs are designed with non swimmers in mind, it’s our speciality! Our approach is one of patience and kind support, which is why our programs are tailored to your individual needs. Your safety and security is assured at all times.
  • Flotation devices can be provided for full support

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