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Sea Beyond Me

Sea Beyond Me uses the ocean as a medium to increase confidence, see beyond limitations and feel more in control in a patient and supportive environment. Each program is designed to cater for a wide range of personal and skill development. Whether you are looking to feel more in control and comfortable in the water, learn new skills, explore beneath the surface or beyond the shore, we have a program to suit your needs. If you’d like a program specifically catered just for you, please contact us.


Now is the perfect time to learn something new

Start your next adventure, increase your confidence and achieve your goals. Master the marine environment and feel relaxed and in control. Our programs are designed with your safety and enjoyment in mind with patient and supportive guidance


Fun and educational for all ages and abilities

Increase your child’s confidence and capabilities. Build essential life skills, knowledge, teamwork and creativity through our ocean focused interactive and educational programs. They run all year round and can be catered to individuals, families or small groups. 

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What is Risk and Why We Need It

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