To explore, share and connect with the sea.

For many people living by the sea, it can be a place of mystery and sometimes fear. 

Sea Beyond Me aims to move people beyond that notion and foster a connection that is calming, inspiring and empowering. When we feel safe and comfortable in the sea, it becomes a source of happiness and peace.

The sea can support us to live a life that is more relaxed, more confident and more in control. 

This is the ultimate mission of Sea Beyond Me

Kerri Blair, the Founder and Program Director of Sea Beyond Me will guide and support you throughout your experience.

She is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, EFR First Aid Instructor and IYT International Bareboat Skipper.

Her passion for undersea exploration has taken her diving on every continent (except Antarctica, it’s freezing!).

Kerri believes in making the ocean accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

I was introduced to the sea as a toddler. One of my very first memories is swimming with my brother, sister and father in the crystal clear waters of Ningaloo Reef off the West Australian coast. Using a small boat and specialised equipment made by Dad (a bucket with a piece of glass glued to the bottom!), we would lovingly watch him from the surface exploring the magical underwater paradise. Mum preferred to stay on the boat, holding us by our swimmers to make sure we didn’t fall in while peering over the edge. It was a place full of mystery and delight. Under Dad’s guidance, it wasn’t long before we were strong enough to join him in the adventure. We would swim, snorkel and freedive the depths together, forming an unbreakable bond between each other and the sea. This led to a lifelong curiosity for what’s beneath the surface and beyond the shore.

Life is about learning and exploring, not just within nature but also ourselves. 

Every day, every moment, every breath is an opportunity to transform, strengthen and improve. 

Let the sea be your natural teacher and
Kerri be your guide.

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