We work in close collaboration with our partners to develop programs to ensure an exceptional, safe and enjoyable learning experience.

Programs may include, but are not limited to, beach excursions to learn more about marine ecosystems, interactive sea safety education, guided Snorkeling Eco Tours and Scuba Diving instruction.

All activities develop an understanding of how humans are deeply connected and reliant on the ocean for our survival. But most importantly, how the ocean can provide us with a sense of peace and purpose.

Hebe Haven Yacht Club

Hebe Haven Yacht Club maintains a friendly and welcoming atmosphere while providing first class boating and water sports facilities for it’s members and the community.

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Cuppa Dive

Cuppa Dive welcomes all ocean loving buddies who would like to enjoy diving in a relaxed and professional atmosphere.


LOVE 21 is a charity dedicated to empowering the Down syndrome and autistic community in Hong Kong through sport, nutrition, and holistic support programmes.

The Hub

The Hub Hong Kong provides educational, developmental, health and well being services to those disadvantaged, without discrimination.

Splash Foundation

Splash teaches people from under resourced communities how to swim. By connecting those who can with those who want to learn, Splash offers an opportunity that empowers and delivers results and believes everyone can swim.

Christian Action

Dedicated to serving those who are disadvantaged, marginalised, displaced or abandoned with the aim of giving  them hope, dignity and self reliance

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