Take a Breath

It’s so easy to relax with Breathwork on the Beach.
A very special mummy and daughter session this morning at Repulse Bay Beach. Such a delight to practise breathwork with this little one and her mum.
Ever since I was a toddler, I’ve spent many happy hours walking along the beach with my family.
It’s quiet time together : relaxing, watching the waves, breathing salt air and sifting through sand to find tiny treasures.
I didn’t know then that I was meditating. I just knew I felt happy and relaxed.
When our eyes meet blue water and gentle rhythmic waves, the frequency of our brain waves actually lowers and puts us into a mild meditative state. The centre in our brain associated with happiness and empathy is activated and we feel peaceful and calm. Many people come to the beach just to experience this state of mind without ever touching the water.
Combine this with breathwork and you have a recipe for pure bliss and relaxation.
Those shared peaceful moments gazing at the sea with my family laid a solid foundation to navigate life’s journey. No matter whether it’s calm or choppy seas.

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