Meet Yu Hin

Every Tuesday for many months he attended my undersea drawing class online with Love21 Foundation. He produced some amazing drawings but was always very shy, preferring to keep his video off and turn it on at the end of the class to display his beautiful work.

Finally COVID restrictions were relaxed and we were able to meet in person for one of my beach excursions. It was his opportunity to explore that undersea world he had been drawing all this time.

As soon as he felt the sea on his skin, he was completely transformed. He was shrieking with laughter and literally jumping for joy. He dove right in! His mind and senses totally absorbed by the feeling of swimming in the sea.

It seemed to me he finally felt free

Free to explore, free of boundaries and expectations

And he found something amazing and wonderful

Whoever you feel you want to be
It’s always yourself you find in the sea

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