Find Your Inner Porpoise

Why do porpoises and dolphins always look so happy? One reason is they were born with a very cute smile on their face, another is that they practise habits that serve a joyful and useful purpose.

Porpoises and dolphins know how to have fun and dolphins literally jump for joy (either in groups or alone, try it now:) , they establish strong social bonds, cooperate to find food, protect each other from danger and offer assistance to others in need. They have even been known to assist humans to catch fish, by offering one fish as a gift (a nice lesson in sustainable fishing)

All these are habits we could practise daily by asking one simple question, how can I help someone today?

We are often told to find our passion, easier said than done right? Maybe it’s simpler and more beneficial to our planet and our people to find our inner porpoise.

Every day is an opportunity to do good, be good, sea good.

Try it today and see what happens.

Still have questions?

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